Wednesday, April 15, 2009: (Road to Emmaus)

Jesus said: “My people, this encounter with two of My disciples on the road to Emmaus was a beautiful opportunity to explain all of the Old Testament references to how I would suffer and perform miracles. Every time that I performed a miracle of healing or raised someone from the dead, the people were amazed, but they did not want to believe that I was the Son of God. They did not know where My power came from, but they knew I was born among them. They also did not connect that I was fulfilling the role of the Messiah because I did not fit their vision of a ruler who would save them from the Romans. I indeed reminded My disciples of the prophets’ prophecies, but they could not believe or understand what rising from the dead meant. Several times I mentioned that I was sent by God and I was performing the works that the prophets foretold. But the Jews would not accept Me as a God-man and they killed Me because they thought that I was blaspheming in My claiming to be the Son of God. After I arose from the dead and witnessed My flesh body to My disciples, they truly believed that I was the Messiah. It was after Pentecost and when they received the Holy Spirit that My disciples had the courage to go forth and proclaim My Gospel and heal the infirm. Believe in the Good News of My Resurrection, and be thankful that I paid the ransom for everyone’s sins.”