Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, you are made in My image with a body and a soul. The body is the physical shell that contains the spirit of the soul. The desires of the body are always fighting against the desires of the soul. Your body is weak to sin because of the consequences of Adam’s sin against Me. This is why the body craves the comforts and pleasures of the flesh. The soul is the opposite because the spirit is in search of the peace of its Creator. The soul desires holiness and heavenly things. This is why suffering the human condition is a trial because of the battle between the body and the soul. You wonder why it is difficult to pray, but the body wants its own appetites satisfied instead of praying. You fast from food, and you work on self-control and self-denial to limit the body’s control over the soul. The soul strives to be with Me in heaven. If the soul is weak in striving for holiness, the body could lead that soul into sin toward judgment to hell. This is why the soul needs to assert its authority over the body to follow My Commandments and fulfill My mission for your life. Without a strong spiritual desire to love Me and serve Me, you could fall into the devil’s temptations. Keep close to Me in your daily prayers and frequent Confession of your sins, so you can strive to be with Me forever in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who are so focused on money and wealth, that they have neglected to let Me into their lives. As long as they have wealth, they think that they do not need Me. If I did not maintain their lives with air to breathe and food and water to consume, they could not survive. Wealth is only a means of exchange, but it is not a god in itself. Many one world people have gold, silver, and real estate because they do not want paper money or anything on paper. These people protect themselves from any bankruptcy that could come from a crash of the dollar or the stock market. The one world people are able to control the stock market and interest rates as you are seeing. They have driven interest rates so low that people are being forced into the stock market. Then they can steal the money in a stock market crash when they short the market. The middle class is the target of the rich, so they can control everyone through cheap jobs and welfare handouts. The ultimate control will come through the chips in the body when the one world people will make you into slaves as robots. Pray for My help against these evil ones, and call on Me to lead you to My refuges when your lives will be in danger.”