(Warning-cleanse mortal sin before; heaven or hell-choice, consequences of sins; this event is truly coming) July 18, 2008

At St. Theodore’s Adoration I could see a stark vision of a football in the middle of the vision with black and white all around it, indicating the battle of good and evil. Jesus said: “My son, I have given you messages before that the Warning would most likely occur during your football season from September to February. This vision of the football is a sign of this time, and the black and white all around the football represent the battle of good and evil that is getting more noticeable. You will only have weeks of time after the Warning for conversions. Then events will move quickly to place the Antichrist into power. I want My faithful to remember to go to Confession at least monthly so you are in the state of grace when you meet Me at your mini-judgment. I have been emphasizing that you get things ready to load into your backpacks for leaving to go to My refuges. After the Warning, you should have your backpacks filled and ready to leave at a moment’s notice. The Warning will be My mercy for sinners, but also a sign that the major events are about to take place. Trust in Me to have your guardian angel lead you on the right path to protection at My refuges.”
September 11, 2006:
At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see a large end of a tunnel that looked like a cave and a woman was standing and waiting for a bus. Jesus said: “My people, the scene waiting next to a cave is all about having patience before you see the Warning and the coming of the Antichrist. For those, who are doubting that this Warning will come to pass, believe it will come, and it is not that far off. Already you are seeing mandatory microchips in your driver’s licenses and passports. Some people are even volunteering to take chips in their bodies. The other signs of wars, famine, earthquakes, and a division in My Church are all poised to be fulfilled. I have given many warning messages to have you prepared both physically and spiritually for the coming end times. You already are seeing many persecutions of Christians even now, and they will continue to worsen. Do not be fearful of this time of tribulation because My angels and I will protect your souls from the evil ones. Pray to worship only Me, and that you will be strong enough to refuse any chips in the body for any reason.”
9-3-09: (Health Care-abortion, euthanasia, computerized records, by the death culture people.)
April 1, 2009:
At Holy Name after Communion I could see flood waters running high under a bridge. Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some serious flooding in the Mid-West of your country from heavy rain and snow melting. Some people are seeing too much water, while others are witnessing droughts as in Texas. This high water level is also a reflection of your high sin level. If evil could be measured in water terms, then you are also witnessing a flood of evil as well. Your abortions and wars continue, as well as your drug traffic and killings associated with drugs. Euthanasia, sexual sins, and embryonic stem cell research continues to raise the evil level in America. The death culture is running rampant with your latest administration, so expect the worst as a consequence of your misdeeds. More natural disasters, and more financial problems will be the harvest when you offend Me with these killings. Not only will your economy falter, but your whole government will be taken over by the one world people as evil will reign for a short time. Pray that this time of evil will be shortened for the sake of My faithful.”
March 21, 2009:
At St. Theodore’s tabernacle I could see a van driving off of a cliff with a very long drop into the ocean. Jesus said: “My people, I have given you several visions of the demise of your country. This van again represents the fall of America with the disastrous end very certain. The death culture people are closing their vise on your freedoms and your money. Because of the evil ways of abortion, euthanasia, and wars, you are seeing destructive natural disasters. The one world people’s planned economic crisis and constant wars are about to destroy your economy and your military. The deficit spending and control of your minds by microchips in the body are the means for your takeover. They will shut off your electricity and make your money worthless so they can control each of you like a robot. Refuse any chips in the body and be prepared to hide in your refuges for protection when martial law is about to be declared. It is not a matter if America will be taken over, but when you will be taken over. Trust in My help and protection to endure this coming tribulation.”