Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday, September 6, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, I have called My twelve apostles to represent the twelve tribes of Israel. I also sent My apostles out to all the nations to teach My Word of faith. All but one of them were martyred for their attempts to spread Christianity. To St. Peter I gave the keys of My Kingdom to establish My Church on him as the rock. St. Peter was the first of many popes to lead My Church, as I told him that the gates of hell would not prevail over My Church. Christianity has been spread all over the world by My dedicated missionaries and priests who had hands laid on them to serve. As you read the four Gospels, you are blessed with My many teachings over the three years of My public ministry. Stay true to My Church leaders who are guiding you in the morals of your day.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am calling many souls in their hearts to set up refuges for the end times, and be persistent in their mission. There are some who did not have enough money or the desire to carry out this mission, and they have abandoned their refuge. If My faithful start a refuge mission, and they are sincere, I will help them in any trials that they may face. Even if the time to be at My refuges comes and certain refuges are not ready or fully built, I will have My angels finish the building and help with the food and water that is needed. I also told you that as more people come to My refuges, My angels will build more shelters to accommodate them with bedding, food and other needs. My faithful have to trust Me that I will protect them at My refuges with My angels’ shield of invisibility. You will have heavenly Manna daily, plenty of water, and deer for your meat. All that you need will be multiplied so the people will have their necessities. Each member of your community will need to work for the survival of all of your people. Pray for My guidance and peace in your soul, so you will act calmly without any fear of the evil ones.”