Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday, September 30, 2014: (St. Jerome)
Jesus said: “My people, today you celebrate the feast day of St. Jerome. You were at the cave of Bethlehem where he lived for a while. His translation of the Bible into the Latin Vulgate was a forerunner of all the languages that would spread My Word. In the vision you see My Light that disperses the darkness of sin in your world. In the beginning was the Word and the Word is God. This Word of the Scriptures is how I can communicate My love to you, and I give you My life to imitate for your own lives. It is important to not just read and hear My Word, but you should put it into your actions so you can live by My Word. When you are a believer and share My Word with others, then you are like a beacon of Light that shines into the hearts of all the people who you meet. I gave My apostles the command to go out to all the nations to spread My Word. So I am sending My prayer warriors out two by two, so you can evangelize souls to be saved for My greater glory in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you some backpacks that were prepared for the refuges several years ago. I want you to take apart your backpacks and make sure that you have all of your necessities. In some cases you may have left some things out because you did not have enough room to store everything. Once you pack your backpacks again, you could put any extra needed things in your small suitcase that you use as a carry-on bag for the airplanes. Before you put your things back in, make a list of the most important items that you will need for the few days that you are taking to get to your refuge. This exercise in checking your list, is to make sure that you include any recent things mentioned in My messages. You have some of these things on your website. Research My messages to update your list of needs. This is another message to stress your readiness to have things ready to leave for My refuges, when I will warn you.”
Spiritual Items: Rosary, scapular, Mass book, blessed salt, Holy Water, Benedictine cross, blessed candle, relics or medals, Pieta prayer book, small Bible and spiritual books.
Physical Items: Meals Ready to Eat(MRE), dried food, few cans, bottle of water, eating utensils, matches, few changes of clothes with layers for hot & cold weather, boots, gloves, heavy coats, deer knife, windup flashlight, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wash cloth, comb, brush, surgical masks, fold up shovel, sleeping bag & blanket, small tent, tools of your trade, small water filter.
Other Suggestions: First Aid kit, paper, pen, scissors, toilet paper, saw, screwdriver, umbrella, mosquito net, trash bags, can opener, nail clipper, ear plugs, sewing kit, shoes or sneaks, hat.
For Families: Disperse items through each other’s backpacks to save space.