Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010: (St. Wenceslaus)
Jesus said: “My people, America would be losing population if it were not for the number of immigrants coming to your country. In the general population there is an average 1.2 million abortions a year and about 4 million live births per year. Your death culture is still rampant in your society and abortions are only decreasing slightly over the last few years. The use of birth control devices is in considerable use to control family size. Abortions, the use of birth control devices, and sterilizations are mortal sins as taught by My Church, and they require Confession before receiving Holy Communion. This is why there are many sacrileges committed at Sunday Mass. This taking of life or obstruction of life formation are sins that are very offensive to Me because you are denying life that I intended and I had plans for them. Because of these abortions and your many other sexual sins of fornication, adultery, and homosexual acts, America is calling out for My justice against you. The guardian angels of these aborted babies are testifying against you in heaven. This is why your country is headed for a takeover by the one world people because I am allowing it for your punishment. Just as Israel was exiled because of its worship of other gods, so America will also be exiled for its worship of worldly gods and its sins of abortion. You are living in an evil age that will become even worse under the Antichrist during the tribulation. This is why I am having faithful people prepare My refuges of protection for these end days. Be grateful for My protection when persecution of My believers will threaten their lives.”

Jesus said: “My people, some almanacs are forecasting a colder winter than normal. In some areas it is not uncommon to have power outages from winter storms. It would be wise to have some warm sweaters, warm undergarments, and some heavy coats with warm boots just in case you may lose your electricity in the cold of winter. Also, have some alternative fuels as wood, kerosene, or propane, and the appropriate heaters to use these fuels. As you are packing your refuge needs when you leave your home, you may want to pack some extra warm clothing as well. Be prepared if you have to leave for your refuges in the cold of winter. You practiced your living in tents during the summer, but you may need extra warm sleeping bags, a mat underneath, and some source of heat as STERNO to keep warm in your tent during winter. By being prepared to handle the cold, whether in your home without electricity, or on the way to your refuge in winter, you will be able to keep warm in the worst of possible cold weather. Trust in Me to give you good advice, and help with your every day needs.”