Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, I am showing you three seats of power that are calling for your obedience to their authority. The first seat of power is when you see Me sitting on My throne in heaven. I am your Creator, and I call you to obey My laws out of love for Me. I do not force Myself against your free will, but I want you to know, love, and obey Me of your own choosing. The next seat of power is the successor of St. Peter in Pope Benedict XVI. He is the leader of My Church, and My faithful should honor him and obey his leadership in the faith. There are many religions, but only one that I instituted while I was on the earth. The third seat of power is the President of America. You have currently a constitutional republic of laws that you need to honor and obey. Your obedience to your country’s laws is only obligatory if it is in accordance with My laws. Any laws against life, against marriage, or against moral law, you do not have to follow, and you should even protest them in your society. You can see the various levels of authority in these three seats of power, but it is your obedience to Me that must come first over obedience to man. Even if you are threatened with your life if you follow My law over man’s law, be faithful to Me in any possible martyrdom. I will give you the courage and lessen your pain if you are faced with this kind of death. Keep giving Me praise and worship as you witness your love for Me and your love for your neighbor.”

Jesus said: “My people, you now have many microchips in your documents and your cars. I have told you before that if you wrap your chipped documents with a sufficient amount of aluminum foil, people could not steal your identity with a chip reader. You now have chips in your driver’s licenses, in your passports, in your Easy passes, and other government documents. Protect your information in this way, and remember to avoid taking any chip in your body that could control your mind. Your merchants have put small RFID (radio frequency identification chips) in every product that they sell, so your privacy is being invaded with these devices in your homes. These chips and RFID devices are only made to control you, so try to remove them from the items that you buy. The evil ones may seem to be controlling people, but this will only be temporary before I come to defeat the devil, the Antichrist, the evil people, and the demons. Their power is nothing before Me. So trust in My protection at My refuges,and you will have no worries.”