Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, just as a spider spins its web to catch insects for its food, so My people need to be wary of the devil who uses snares of the world to entice you into sin. Remember that the devil knows all of your human weaknesses and he is ready to pounce on you with his subtle temptations. You also have your guardian angel to prompt you to lead the proper life according to My laws. When you feel any urging for sinful behavior, call on My Name and My angels to help defend you from this evil one. When you are close to Me in prayer and come to Me frequently in My sacraments, you have My grace to keep focused on Me and avoid evil. In order to avoid the snares of the devil, avoid being led to any occasions of sin for you. When you are tired or in a weakened state, be alert to the devil’s attacks. You know your own weaknesses as well as the devil does, so be wary of his traps so you do not fall into his web of sin. Focus on doing everything out of love for Me, and you will have no time for sin. Keep occupied in good works because the devil attacks you more when you are idle. I love My people so much, and I desire you to follow My ways because I wish to claim you for My own at your judgment at death.”
(Healing Mass) Jesus said: “My people, you see how generous I am with all of you in gifting you with My graces and sacraments as well as your talents and your very life. In return I ask you also to be generous in your charity for money donations as well as your time in helping others. When you consecrate everything over to Me, that means you will not hold back anything for yourself. I have given you all that you have, and you can give Me back everything out of love for Me. Start by opening your heart so I can enter and direct you on your life’s mission. By being open and letting go of your free will to give it over to My Divine Will, you are on the right path to heaven in sharing everything. Sharing your faith with others can bring them to conversion and salvation. Continue to have a generous heart as you imitate My generous nature.”