Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011: (St. Andrew Kim, et.al.Korean martyrs)
Jesus said: “My people, many times history repeats itself since many civilizations have risen and fallen. The prophets were sent to warn Israel not to worship idols and foreign gods, but the people of Israel would not listen to Me or My prophets who brought My messages. As a consequence, Israel was conquered and exiled in Babylon. Later, they were allowed to return to rebuild their Temple. So it is with America because you are also idolizing money, sports, fame, and gold. Because you are turning your back to Me with your abortions, homosexual marriages, divorces, fornication, and not worshiping Me on Sunday, you also will be exiled from your own land. My faithful will be making an exodus from their homes to My refuges. The Antichrist will kill, torture, or enslave those who do not come to My refuges. Even your many disasters in the weather are reflecting the violence of your sinful society. My faithful will be returned to a renewed land of My Era of Peace when all the evil ones will be separated and cast into hell.”

Jesus said: “My people, the progression of your lights started with torches, lanterns, candles, and now you have modern lights. You have used tungsten incandescent lighting even until now. You also have fluorescent lights and mercury vapor lights. Even though your mercury lights save energy, there is still a problem with disposing of a toxic material as mercury. This is why it is a little overpowering to have your government force everyone to use these toxic lights. Lights for Me are unnecessary, and even for some tribal people. Wherever I am, there is a glow of My Light. Even in My Era of Peace, there will be light all over the world. It is My spiritual power that is a source of constant light. Even your artists paint halos around the saints because of this glow of love and the spirit. Trust in My spiritual Light to understand My power and how My angels could either blind your enemies with their light, or make you invisible by altering the way light travels on earth. Be grateful that you can walk in the Light of faith and love.”