Tuesday, September 16, 2008: (St. Cornelius & St. Cyprian)

Jesus said: “My people, I formed My Church around St. Peter and the succeeding popes. The devil has raised up many heresies and those who persecuted My followers. In the reading you see My Church has many parts and I desire unity among all of My believers. You have seen many martyred for their faith, a division between the Eastern and Western Church, a division in England by the king, and the Reformation into many Protestant factions. Now in this vision you will see a further division in My Church between a schismatic church and My faithful remnant. It is this faithful remnant that will keep all the truths that I gave My apostles. When you see this division, this will be another sign to go to My refuges for underground Masses and your protection. You are entering a time of tribulation when the Antichrist will reign briefly and an evil that you have never seen. Then I will defeat them all.”
Jesus said: “My people, the man in the street in America is finding it harder to make ends meet for his family. During this economic slow down it is harder to find jobs because of the layoffs, and jobs in manufacturing sent overseas. A person without a college education will need two jobs, or have his wife work just to provide the essential needs. A college education with a good job may be enough. Still planning for a home and a car takes care in not buying more than you can afford. The biggest problem is to be patient in paying off your bills and helping your family to get a proper education. All of these earthly things may seem overwhelming at first, but with prayer and confident trust in Me, I will find a way to support your family in its needs. It is those who are overspending and not believing in My help that will have a harder life in bankruptcy. Trust in My help in your everyday needs, and also trust in Me to protect you at My refuges during the tribulation. With full trust in Me and prudent use of your resources, you should have no worries of how you will eat, or where you are to stay.”