Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, remember that I am the Creator, and the demons are My creatures. All the demons know who I am, and when I command them, they must obey, no matter how many or how powerful they may be. My power far surpasses any power of the demons. I even gave power to My apostles to cast out demons from people. My exorcist priests are also given My authority to cast out demons. I give power to My faithful to pray deliverance prayers for possessed people. Pray as a group using the long form of the St. Michael prayer. You can also use the binding of the spirits prayer: ‘I bind any evil spirits in a person to the foot of My cross in My Name, Jesus.’ My Name has power, and the demons recognize My power, but you must have faith in Me, and use fasting in some cases, as I told you in the Scriptures. Trust in My power and call on Me, and I will send My angels when you are being attacked by demons.”

Jesus said: “My people, your country has gone through some serious financial disruptions in 2001 and 2008. You have had a calm stock market for several years, while your interest rates have been held near zero artificially. America’s corporations have transferred much of their manufacturing to China because of the cheap labor. In this process, America has become dependent on China for your things to buy, and they were buying your Treasury Debt Notes. As China’s economy cools off, and they start selling Treasury Notes, then you can see why your stock market is falling. The one world people want to take over America because your people are used to being free without a communist government. The evil ones want to bring about a financial collapse, so they could declare a martial law takeover. You are seeing signs in your markets, and many laws and decisions that have not been voted in by the people. You are also seeing chipped charge cards with a plan to force chips in the body on your people. This is why I am calling some faithful to set up refuges for this coming persecution of My believers. You are moving ahead to have more beds and bedding supplies for people to come to your refuge. You were asking about numbers, and I see that you may be able to handle about forty people without My multiplying your present space. Plan for this number in your supplies that I will multiply. If more people come, I will have to expand your facilities and multiply your food and water. I am grateful for all of your progress on such a short notice. Continue your preparations and clean up of some of your old things that could be discarded.”