Tuesday, October 7, 2008: (Our Lady of the Rosary)

Jesus said: “My people, today’s feast day is all about using My Blessed Mother’s rosary as your weapon against your adversary, the devil. Remember your daily rosaries that are needed greatly to counteract so much sin in your country and the world. Prayer is always done in combination with fasting, and visits to My Blessed Sacrament. When you call on My Blessed Mother and the angels for protection, she will be there for you with her mantle of protection. Every time that you go out to speak, you can also evangelize by handing out your rosaries and leaflets on the Mysteries of the Rosary, and the Divine Mercy. When you pray the various Mysteries of the Rosary, you are reminded about the various events in My life that has brought salvation to all of mankind. Remember every time that you pray, that you are talking to Me and sharing your love for Me and My love for all of you. Also remember to share your prayer life in teaching your children about how to say the rosary, and even your grandchildren.”
Jesus said: “My people, you see how beautiful My creation appears to you, almost as if I painted it with a big paint brush. But once you look into the cities, things become very ugly with sin all around. You can see from My viewpoint all of the sexual sins going on from fornication, to adultery, and homosexual activity. Some of your abortions are being done because of the result of these sexual sins, and it just compounds the first sin to a worse sin of taking a life. Even among married people you are seeing birth control devices being used and sterilizations being performed which are against My Church’s teaching of keeping every act open to the creation of life. All of these sexual sins and use of birth control devices are mortal sins, and need to be confessed before receiving Holy Communion. There are no excuses that breaking My laws could be justified as anything else but sinful. Because you love someone, or you do not want to have children, are no excuses. Some of My faithful use Family Planning methods which are acceptable in My Church. But birth control pills and any unnatural means of conceiving are all sins against My Sixth Commandment. There may be some priests that do not think these acts are sins, but they are misleading My faithful, and do not follow their bad advice, because violating My Commandments are always sinful. Those, who are living together without marriage, are living in sin and they need to get married or separate. All homosexual activity is sinful because there is no such thing as a lawful marriage between same sexes in the eyes of My Church’s teachings. Pray for all sinners, because the most souls going to hell are because of sexual sins.”