Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday, October 6, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, there have not been many examples like Nineveh, where the whole city repented of their sins and changed their evil ways. They were repenting to avoid the destruction of their city as Jonah had warned them. This was a miraculous conversion, and because of their change of heart, I relented from the punishment of their city. In today’s world, there is so much evil around, that it will take My Warning experience to even change some hearts. This will be like a near death experience, when people will see how their sins offend Me. They will see a mini-judgment, and those, who see hell, may change their ways to avoid that punishment. Man is in a weakened state in being tempted to sin, and it will take a supernatural intervention to wake up some souls. I desire people to come to Me out of love, but some souls after the Warning, may want to change their lives to avoid going to hell. The Warning will give all sinners one last chance to be saved, because time is running out before the Antichrist will be allowed to reign for a short time. If souls have not converted in the short time after the Warning, then they could be lost to the evil one, if they do not listen to their faithful family members. Your family members, who are away from Me, will be open more to your evangelization efforts after the Warning. They need to change to a believer so My angels can mark a cross on their foreheads. Only those people, who have crosses on their foreheads, will be allowed into My refuges. This will be a true test for everyone. Each person will either be in My camp, or in the camp of the devil.”

Jesus said: “My son, I have asked you to look into installing solar cells, batteries, and invertors at your house. You can put power on the grid, but you need to be able to turn switches off, so you can run independently off of your batteries. Look into what your maximum load would be without using your oven. This would help determine how expensive a unit you would need. Plan your money allocation to determine your cash flow for any purchase. Get at least two estimates from different suppliers. Having some electricity would be helpful for having lights and some appliances working both during blackouts, and being independent during the tribulation. You also may be able to cut down on your electric bill for now. When getting your estimates, try to get a time of start and completion from each vendor. You may have to go with which one can complete the job first. Call on My help to make any decisions along the way, and thank you for moving on this project as I asked you to do.”