Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday, October 30, 2012: (Bob Carey’s Funeral Mass)
Bob said: “God bless everyone. I am happy to see all of my family and friends that could come to my funeral Mass. I love you Mary, and all of my family. I will be watching over you and praying for all of you. I thank all of my care givers in my last days. I am in heaven, and I am happy to be free of pain in my soul body. I know my family will take good care of Mary. I have had a full life, and I was happy to help the church in the ways that I could. I thank all of the priests at whose Masses I attended. I enjoyed My hobbies, but I am now joyful to be in the workshop of the greatest Carpenter.”

Jesus said: “My people, the effects from this latest hurricane have caused millions of families to lose power, and the flooding could upset normal business for weeks. One problem caused by the power outages would be the affect on people voting next week. If a fair percentage of people could not vote, then some areas may have to postpone their votes until later. Already people are having problems getting food and gasoline. People will have to be patient in helping each other until order can be restored. It will depend on how quickly roads can be cleared that will determine how soon power can be restored. Some reserve troops are keeping order at night, and they are delivering needed food and water. Those, who are prepared, will have no problems with food, lights, and fuel for heat, but those, who are not prepared, may have to go to shelters for help. Pray that your power can be restored in a short time, and that people will share their food and water.”