Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospels I have used many symbols as the yeast that allows the whole dough to rise in order to represent a small beginning of My Church in the Kingdom of God. This is why you are seeing a small part of St. Peter’s Basilica, as My Church had humble beginnings with My apostles. Even the mustard seed, which grows into a huge shrub, was used to represent your faith and how My Kingdom on earth has grown. I have described the Kingdom of God as a fine pearl that someone sold all of their belongings to purchase. (Matt. 13:31-33,45) All of these symbols of smallness and great price are to show you how My Word is very powerful and can be spread to convert many over all of the nations. The value of each soul is great also, and I seek out each one of you as the lost sheep to bring into My sheepfold. The Kingdom of God is upon you, especially in My Blessed Sacrament so you can treasure My Real Presence in your souls. Give praise and thanks to your Lord for My Incarnation to be one of you, and offer My life to purchase your souls with My sacrifice.” Jesus said: “My people, these three kinds of fences limiting your freedoms represent the various levels of government trying to control you. On the national level you have your passports now mandated to have chips in them with your information and the ability to track you. You could also be controlled by your NAFTA Treaties which could take away your sovereignty rights in a new world order North American Union. Another fence limiting your rights is a proposed chip in your driver’s license under the National Real ID Act at the state level. Each of these levels of government are already controlling up to 40% or more of your income in taxes. The third fence is your local town and county governments which put more of a burden on you in property taxes. This is the level that could condemn your property for their own use and put you out of your house. All of these levels of control set up a gauntlet of laws and regulations that continue to take away your rights as a citizen in the name of globalization for the so-called common good. The one world people are in control of all of these regulations and they will next propose mandatory chips in the body. It is at this point or martial law that My people should call on Me and I will have your guardian angels lead you to the nearest refuge. Do not fight these evil ones with weapons, but let My angels fight your battle against the evil ones. Have patience for awhile before I will chain this evil lot in hell, and bring you into My Era of Peace.”