Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday, October 27, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading St. Paul speaks of hope in when you will be brought to heaven. You hope for what you cannot see now, and not for what you see of this life. You have a small taste of heaven when you experience My love and My Real Presence, when you receive Me in Holy Communion. In the Gospel I likened the Kingdom of heaven to the growth of the mustard seed into a large bush. I also likened it to how yeast leavens the whole dough of bread. You have experienced heaven a few times in your visions, and you felt like being One with Me in complete peace and love. It is My love and My Presence that permeates all of My creation both in the universe and in heaven with all of My saints and angels. Once you have a glimpse of what heaven is, you will want to desire to be with Me for all eternity. This is the hope that each soul craves to be with Me in heaven, after this life.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you read My Word in the Bible, you also need some Bible study helps to understand the deeper meaning of the words, in the context of when it was written. When you examine cross references, you see how various parts of the Bible explain other parts as a whole. Many Roman Catholics do not take the time to read more of the Bible, than just the daily readings. If you want to know and appreciate My Word more, then you need to make time for a Bible study, either a self-help means or a regular planned meeting. The Bible is an excellent way to enhance your faith, but very few take the time to read it and study it. Make a point to at least seek out some good self-help study guides as books, CDs, or videos. Going to the Holy Lands, if possible, is another way to make My Bible accounts come alive. Do not just stagnate in your faith, but you can grow in your faith with good Bible study.”

Solar decision: Jesus said: “My son, you have sought out a few prices, and your decision with the cheaper price looks reasonable in acquiring as many panels as you can fit on your roof. You have discerned your solar installer as being a faithful person, so you have chosen well.”

Sleeping problems: Jesus said: “My daughter, there are some physical things you could do to improve your ability to sleep nights. Try to remove as much stress as possible. Try not to go to bed too late so you are not overtired. Try to avoid much eating or stimulants before bed. For spiritual help: Try to pray your rosaries in bed. Some people get sleepy when they pray. Try reading the Bible or the lives of the saints. Most of all, in your night prayers, pray to Me to help you get to sleep every night. If this is not successful, then you may need some medical help.”