Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, some times in your lives people have committed sinful acts as abortion, and they can become so depressed with their life that they could even contemplate suicide. Getting you to sin is one goal of the devil, but getting you so depressed to contemplate suicide is another attack of the devil. In a similar manner some people commit a sin of fornication which can later lead to a temptation of abortion if a pregnancy results. Once you commit one serious sin, you are weakened to commit a worse sin to cover up the first sin. It is better to look at this second temptation as an opportunity to stop sinning and go to Confession to seek My forgiveness, as the used tire is retreaded. If you fall into one sin, look to repentance first instead of looking to hide your sin. Think about the consequences of every one of your actions before you carry it out, and you will see how the devil is misleading you into lustful pleasure or lying to cover up your previous sins. Remember that when you commit serious sin, you are vulnerable to repeat that sin or worse. Seek My love and forgiveness after every sin that you commit, and I will forgive you. But ask for My grace to be strong enough to stop your bad habits, and change any sinful lifestyle as living together with someone in fornication.”