Tuesday, October 20, 2009: (St. Paul of the Cross-Passionists)

Jesus said: “My people, you are approaching the end of the Church Year when the Gospels start emphasizing My coming again when I will return on the clouds to end the reign of the Antichrist and start My new Era of Peace. During the tribulation some will be martyred, and the rest of My faithful will be protected at My refuges as in the vision. All of these warnings of the end times all speak of being vigilant and watchful by having your soul purified in Confession and prayer. Always be watchful of the devil’s temptations so you are ready to meet Me when I come again. This coming time of My victory over Satan and the Antichrist will give rise to your celebration of My cleansing of all evil from the earth. Rejoice when you will see My day when I come on the clouds.”
Jesus said: “My people, using such a large barn to house people will first require some method to insulate it for both protection from the winter cold and the summer heat. You also will need some form of a ventilation system, a means for heat, and some cheap means of cooling. Also you will need a cool place to store your food, some tables, chairs, and bedding. Some refuges have even looked into simple solar cells and batteries to store what energy that you generate. Researching this form of energy could even help you now because the cells can be transportable. As you prepare for refuge living, remember that your prayer life and helping each other in communal living will require accepting people for who they are. You also will need to have everyone become a part of a loving and trusting community with Me as your leader.”