Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012: (Guardian Angel Day)
Mark said: “I am Mark, and I stand before God as your protector and guardian. You are seeing some dark days ahead of possible financial hard times and the threat of war. Our Lord has also warned you that the Warning is close, and to be prepared with a pure soul. You are fortunate to be still traveling to share your messages, but times are coming when it will be more difficult to travel and even for all Christians when there will be public persecution. In those days you will need my protection and guidance even more than now. The Lord and I will be warning you when it will be time to go to God’s refuges of protection. All the guardian angels will be guiding souls to safety when the turmoil begins with a takeover of your country. The days of America as you know it are numbered, as you will be facing defeat and exile at the hands of the one world people. This will be your punishment for not repenting of your sins, and worshiping other gods. Have no fear because God’s angels will be defending you from the evil ones.”

Jesus said: “My people, this election can be centered on the moral issues that are threatening your country with My coming punishment. The Democrat platform supports abortion and same sex marriage, while the Republican platform is against both of these stands. These are moral issues that Christians need to take a stand on. Religious freedoms are also being attacked by your current administration. Many other issues are questioning the use of so many Executive Orders that are stripping away your freedoms. Your country has seen the direction of this President, and your people have to decide if you are going in the wrong direction or not. Your fate will be decided by this election’s outcome.”