Tuesday, October 14, 2008: (St. Callistus I)

Jesus said: “My people, all the saints are looking down on you and they truly pray for your strength in your evil age. Many of the saints, who were martyred as St. Callistus I, know that a time of great persecution will be coming again as in the Early Church. If you are challenged to believe in Me or if you are asked to take a computer chip in the body, be ready to refuse to deny Me and refuse any chips in the body, even under threat of death. You have seen in the past how people were willing to die for their faith, but people of your society do everything to avoid any pain. Ask the saints in prayer to help you with your specific needs. You have many patron saints for various needs as St. Anthony for lost objects. They all are great intercessors for your prayers to Me. My Blessed Mother makes many requests of Me in prayer as she guards you with her mantle. Give thanks to Me and the saints for all that we do to answer your prayers.”
Jesus said: “My people, this bullet leaving the gun cannot be taken back once it is fired. This is also true of the words that you speak to others, and they cannot be taken back either. So think twice of what you say and how it will be interpreted. You can go to a person and make an apology for any of your remarks that could have offended someone. By being kind and loving, they may forgive you, but they may remember your attitudes. Some people may have tough skin in being able to take more abuse without it upsetting them. It is difficult when others misinterpret what you saying, and they make up stories about you behind your back. This gossiping that could harm someone’s reputation is truly a sin against your neighbor, whether it be true or false. I have given you Scriptures that what comes out of a man’s mouth is what can be sinful. So guard what you say to people and speak with more love and kindness, and you will not be far from the Kingdom of heaven.”