Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tuesday, November 8, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, before your trip started, I told you that you would experience some trials, but My angels would protect you. Your first trial was the closing of the Ashdod port because of some missiles that were fired. You had several problems with lengthy waits during security checks for the airlines. There were several sicknesses on the ship that caused some discomfort. Even coming home, you had to deal with a flight cancellation. Despite your trials, you were still protected from any life threatening events. Give praise and thanks to Me that you were able to see most of the scheduled places on your pilgrimage. As you review the scenes of your trip, you will have some treasured memories in the Holy Lands that will make your Scripture readings come alive.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you have a hard time seeing the road on a foggy night, so it will be hard to see you when you are on your way to a refuge. Your angels will make you invisible to those who want to kill you. Be thankful that I am providing refuges for you to stay during the tribulation. You will be able to see each other, but the evil ones will not be able to detect you, even with all of their electronic detectors. This is a miracle of protection as you will see everything provided for you as I multiply your food and shelters. My angels will build your shelters as you need them. You will be praying more as you work with your community to provide for everyone’s needs. This trial will last less than 3 ½ years, and then I will bring My victory over the Antichrist. I will renew the earth, and then you will be brought down into My Era of Peace. You are fortunate to be living in this transition time when you will be prepared for heaven. Ask My help in all that you do every day.”