Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011: (St. Cecilia)
Jesus said: “My people, My disciples were looking for signs and dates of the end times, very much like the people of today. As you have read in the Scriptures, only the Father knows the last day of the world. I have warned you that you would have My Warning experience first before the major events that would lead up to the Antichrist’s coming. You will have to endure the tribulation of less than 3 ½ years before I will defeat him and bring about My Era of Peace. You are seeing wars and financial problems all over the world as signs leading up to the coming events. Do not be fearful and do not focus only on what is coming, because you must move on with your own mission until these things happen. It is not important to know the date of the Warning. My people will be protected at My refuges during the tribulation. I have asked you to have a year’s supply of food and water on hand for the coming created famine. This is because you may require chips to buy your food and the food may be in short supply. This will be needed before you leave for My refuges. I also have asked you to be prepared with backpacks, tents, sleeping blankets, and things you would need for a picnic. Also, you will need sacramentals, a blessed candle, and a deer knife. Have these things ready to leave shortly for My refuges when it is time for martial law and mandatory chips in the body. Have your soul ready also with frequent Confession. There are evil times of persecution coming, but My angels will be protecting you with an invisible shield on your way to My refuges. These are the preparations that I have given you so you can be a wise virgin with oil in your lamps, instead of the foolish virgins who have not made any preparations.”

Jesus said: “My people, just as you see the end of the leaves falling from the trees, you know winter is near. So when you see the signs of the end times, you know My coming is near. As you see increasing disasters, severe earthquakes, and famine spreading, these are the end time signs in the Bible. When you see the Antichrist about to come into power, this is another sign of My coming in victory over him. As the tribulation approaches, be prepared in your soul with frequent Confession. Be ready also to leave for My refuges when I warn you that it is time to go. When you see martial law and mandatory chips in the body, you know these are the signs to leave your homes for My refuges. Have your backpacks ready so you have some food and clothing on the way to My refuges. You will have to leave in haste just as the Israelites had to follow Moses into the desert in the Exodus. You will be leaving in a modern day Exodus, but My angels will protect you by making you invisible to those who want to kill you. Be faithful and keep watching for the moment when I will deliver you from the Antichrist.”