Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jesus said: “My people, this storm in Bangladesh has been catastrophic to these people where thousands have died and hundreds of thousands of people were made homeless when they fled the storm. This follows the thousands killed several years ago from the large tsunami. There is s large population living in this area, especially along the coasts. So when violent storms or tsunamis strike, many are going to be killed. America is still recovering from your storms that struck New Orleans, so you know how devastating large storms can be. Have pity on these poor people with your donations and prayers for their needs. The governments there are overwhelmed with such destruction to afford help in food and shelter. Many of these poor countries rely on charity organizations for what little help they receive. As you have plenty of this world’s goods at Thanksgiving time, you could find it in your heart to share some with these homeless people.” Jesus said: “My people, many college students are very spirited, especially on political issues involving rights and wars. Recently you saw a high school student criticized for speaking about Me in a public graduation exercise. Many times your freedom of speech is taken for granted, but certain subjects, that are not politically correct, are persecuted by the powers controlling your government. You may speak about religion in your churches, but you may be persecuted for speaking about religion in public. The Ten Commandments and prayer have been removed from your schools and public buildings. Because atheists have protested, and an unwritten law about the separation of church and state, mention of God is being removed from everything. In the areas of religion, abortion, and homosexual subjects there is a strong persecution without any freedom of speech. Many other rights are also being quietly removed, especially in the area of privacy from wiretapping. In some democratic countries rights are also being taken away in the name of security and the common good. The evil ones and the one world people are working on a complete dictatorial rule with no rights, and using people as slaves. This is their goal, so be prepared to leave for My refuges when the one world people want you killed for going against their new world order. Trust in My power and My help in protecting you from the evil ones.”