Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this broken glass is a symbol of how you have broken your covenant with Me and you have refused to repent of your sins. All of the financial hard times and the natural disasters, that you see, are a further consequence of your sins. Your trials and layoffs are going to continue for a while and things will get worse before they could turn around. The change that you are hoping for may happen in your government, but evil will continue to worsen in your abortions and your sexual sins. Without a spiritual turnaround you will not see much of a financial turnaround. It is hard for Me to send you blessings when you have lost your way in refusing to worship Me and you worship your money and your possessions instead. When you choose to follow your own way on the broad road to hell, you will need many prayers to turn your country back to Me. Until you change spiritually, expect things to approach a takeover of your country. This is what happened to the Israelites when they worshiped other gods instead of Me. You will find the same ruin awaiting America as you continue to decay morally in your society.”