Tuesday, November 17, 2009: (St. Elizabeth of Hungary)

Jesus said: “My people, I look into everyone’s eyes as the eyes are the windows into the soul. As I greeted the tax collector, Zaccheus, I chose to eat supper with him, even though some criticized Me for eating with a sinner. But all of you are weak by Adam’s sin and you all need to accept that you are sinners as well. For I came to save sinners and not the self-righteous. I am the Great Healer and the sick are the ones who need Me as the doctor. Zaccheus made a promise that he would pay back what he took from others and salvation came to his house. So I call on all of My people to renounce your possessions and consecrate everything over to Me. Be generous to others with your money, your time, and your talents. By offering up your donations, you will gain treasure in heaven. Rejoice on the day that I will allow you to enter through the gates of heaven.”