Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014: (St. Martin of Tours)
Jesus said: “My people, this Gospel reading is truly about My day of judgment for all souls. You see Me separating My sheep from the goats, where the sheep are My believers who are saved, but the goats are the evil ones who are lost in hell. Then I went into an explanation of who are the good people and who are the evil people. Every person is made to My Image and likeness, and each person is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So if you meet someone who is hungry, or needs a drink of water, or is sick, or in prison, you should help that person because I am in them, like the beggar. So those who love Me and help their neighbor out of love, they will be welcomed into heaven. But those who refuse to love Me and refuse to help their neighbor out of selfishness, these will be cast into hell. You all will have to face Me at your judgment, and your actions will be judged on how you loved Me and your neighbor. All of your good deeds and works of love are stored up in heaven to offset all of your sins. So do not come to Me with empty hands without any good works, because I will claim that you do not know Me. If you knew Me, you would have fed Me, clothed Me, and comforted Me in your neighbor. Your life should be one of love that you share with Me and your neighbor. There is no room for being selfish or loving only yourself, for those who come to heaven.”