Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011: (Visitation)
Jesus said: “My people, as My Blessed Mother greeted St. Elizabeth, the babe in her womb acknowledged My Presence. This feast day is also a celebration of the unborn infants because you have St. John the Baptist in St. Elizabeth, and Myself in My Blessed Mother. At the Annunciation St. Gabriel told Mary that her cousin was in her sixth month because nothing is impossible for God, even beyond normal child bearing years. This is why My Blessed Mother went to help her cousin because of her cousin’s old age. My Blessed Mother announced her Magnificat which you read daily in the evening prayers of the Liturgy of the Hours. At the birth of St. John the Baptist, Zachary pronounced his canticle as his mouth could speak again. This canticle of Zachary is read in the morning prayers of this same Liturgy of the Hours. These beautiful words of both canticles give hope and joy to all who read them.”

Jesus said: “My people, when you clean your house, you use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. When you want to clean your soul from sin, you come to the priest in Confession and ask forgiveness for your sins, and he gives you absolution. Being cleansed of your sins is far more important than having a clean house. The soul lives on forever, but your house could be gone tomorrow because it is temporary. Continue to come to frequent Confession so you can keep a pure soul for the day that I will call you home. In order to make a good Confession, you can write down at night any sins of the day that you could remember. By summing up your nightly recollections of your sins, this will help you to remember them in your Confession. Forming a right conscience to know right from wrong, will also help you focus on how you are disobeying My Commandments. Learn from your sinful mistakes so you can avoid them in the future.”