Tuesday, May 26, 2009: (St. Philip Neri)

Jesus said: “My people, I talk to you many times of how you are in a daily spiritual battle between good and evil. Amidst all of your daily troubles and trials I want you to keep peace in your heart and soul as in this quiet pool of water. It is your peaceful blessed assurance that My grace is guiding you in everything that you do. By giving Me your daily consecration, you know in hope and faith that I will be with you to fight all of the evil one’s temptations. Even as St. Paul was given that he had to suffer imprisonment and martyrdom, he was giving encouragement to his followers that they remain strong in their faith. So it is with My prayer warriors of today. You also may face persecution and martyrdom in the coming tribulation, but keep your peace, for I will protect your souls. If martyrdom does come to you, embrace it as your pass instantly into heaven with little pain. If you are meant to lead My faithful in the refuges, rejoice also to proclaim My Word in saving souls. There also, you will be rewarded in My Era of Peace and then in eternity with Me in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, there are people that are led by Satan who want to kill religious people and patriots. They desire total control over the people, and they will resort to any means, even killing, to have their way. The one world people know they will not be able to change religious people and patriots to accept the new world order, so they will be looking to kill you. Their first attack is by a pandemic virus spread by the chemtrails. When they see that My faithful are miraculously protected from their pandemic viruses, they will try to attack My refuges with anthrax. In the first place they will not be able to find you because you will be invisible to them. But even toxic germs or gases will not harm you because My angels will be protecting you. My angel power will be your defense, so you will not need weapons to battle your persecutors. Pray for all people to be saved, but some will continue to reject Me, even after the Warning. Have peace and trust that you will be protected from all of the evil ones.”