Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday, May 22, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, some of you have experienced a trip to My tomb in the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem, Israel. Many of these holy places mark the major events of My life. You have seen replicas of My Holy Shroud from My burial clothes. With this evidence some people need to be reminded that I was truly on earth in physical time and space over two thousand years ago. I am still present to you now in My Blessed Sacrament. I am telling you these things because I truly took on a human nature, and I died for all of mankind’s sins so each of you could be ransomed to come to Me in heaven. All, that is required, is to seek the forgiveness of your sins, and to let Me be the Master of your life. The devil wants to keep you busy in the noise of material concerns in the world. I call My faithful to calm down in the quiet of My Presence before My Blessed Sacrament. It is in this quiet contemplative prayer that I can talk to your soul. If you keep talking and are too busy, you have a hard time to let Me come into your life in prayer and leading you to Me. At times people busy themselves with too many activities. It is good to help people with good works, but not to the exclusion of your prayer time with Me. There are not so many important things to do that you could not find one hour for Me each day of your life. If you are too busy, then you need to cut back on your schedule to leave time for Me. I love you and I want you to show Me your love in your prayer time.”