Tuesday, May 20, 2008: (St. Bernardine)

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of an electrical line going into a church should ask you, what are you doing to energize the activities of your church? You all have received gifts from the Holy Spirit and it is your responsibility to use your gifts to spread the Kingdom of God to those around you. There are many positions of lectors, greeters, helping the poor with food collections, Eucharistic ministers, ushers, working on various committees, visiting the sick and home bound, and church cleaners. Teaching religious education to the children and helping with the finances are also needed. By everyone donating their time, talent, and money, a local church can be vibrant and successful in serving Me. Others help the spiritual backup of a parish with prayer groups, Adoration, and preparation for the sacraments and RCIA. By reaching out to help souls and those in your own parish, you can be that energizing force that keeps your parish alive and well.”
Jesus said: “My people, medicine over the years has made some great strides in improving your life expectancy, and curing diseases that killed many people. In today’s world the desire to make money has taken over your drug industry. Some would rather heal you just enough so you keep coming back to pay for more expensive pills. Some children have even had bad effects from putting mercury preservatives in vaccines so the vaccines would not have to be refrigerated. Manipulation of DNA has also caused many bad side effects in the artificial medicines that man makes which are poisons in the body. There is a more devious use of viruses for the one world people that viruses could be manipulated to affect various races or ethnic groups. By eliminating some preferred parts of the population, they would not gain money but easier control over fewer people. The evil of the death culture is so diabolical that the one world people would resort to any means such as chemtrails to kill off millions of people while they had the vaccine for these killer viruses. Be prepared and alert to the drugs and viruses created by the death culture people. Build up your immune systems with Hawthorn, herbs, and vitamins. These are a much better source of keeping your health in alternative medicines, than many of man’s drugs that only treat symptoms and not the cause of the problem. It is the poisons and multiple interactions that are causing many of the side effects of your medicines, which eventually hurt your organs as the liver and the kidneys. Trust in Me to give you good advice on your health, and how best to keep you from being exploited for profit.”