Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday, May 19, 2015:

Jesus said: “My people, you remember when I met the woman at the well, and I told her that I could give her ‘Living Water’ so she would not have to keep drawing water from the well.  I told her about her life, and when the town’s people heard My words and saw My miracles, they too believed in Me.  This vision of ‘Living Water’ coming forth from the Light of God, is how I bring God the Father and the Holy Spirit to all of you who are worthy.  I call My people to come to frequent Confession, so you can keep a pure soul, worthy of receiving Me in Holy Communion.  The Three of Us in the Blessed Trinity are brought to you as ‘Living Water’ every time you receive Us in Holy Communion.  In St. John’s Gospel I told you: ‘That whoever eats My Body and drinks My Blood, will receive eternal life.’  Receiving Me in Holy Communion is your spiritual nourishment, and you can only come to heaven through Me.  I am always Present to you in My Blessed Sacrament, and you give glory to Me in your prayers and your visits to My tabernacle.  Keep close to Me with a pure soul, and you will be ready to meet Me at your judgment.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are some people who believe a world government should run everything.  These people are quite naive to think that other people are going to take care of them.  The one world people worship Satan, and they carry out his evil orders.  These people are the money people behind the forming of the European Union and the North American Union.  They want to control everyone with chips in the body.  They are not just satisfied with controlling people with chips in their charge cards, passports, and drivers’ licenses.  These evil ones want to control your free will as a robot with chips in your body.  Avoid taking any chip in the body for any reason, and do not worship the Antichrist.  This computer chip in the body is the mark of the beast that the Antichrist will try and use to control people’s minds to do his bidding.  When these evil ones declare mandatory chips in the body, this will be a sign to come to My refuges.  This world government will control your body, if you take the chip in the body, so you would be in a hypnotized state.  These evil ones will try to force everyone to take a chip in the body, and they will try to kill those people who refuse to take it.  This is why I am having My faithful build interim and final refuges to protect them from the evil ones.  At the Warning, I will tell people not to take chips in the body, and not to worship the Antichrist.  I will also warn My faithful that they will need to come to My refuges to be protected from those people who are trying to kill them or persecute them.  Fear not these evil ones because I am stronger, and I will bring My victory over all of them.  It will be hard to live a rustic life at My refuges, but everyone will be helping one another to survive and use your individual skills.  Bring the tools of your trade to help those people at your refuge.”