Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017:
Jesus said: “My people, you are aware of the communist symbols of the hammer and sickle. The communist dictators have pride in suppressing their people, so they can spend money on weapons and control of their people. In North Korea the people are fortunate to find enough food to eat. Their leader is threatening all countries, including America, with their nuclear tipped missiles. The communist mentality is affecting the people of Venezuela who are also finding it hard to get food, because of the tyranny of its leaders. All of the people who have a progressive leaning, are favoring Godless socialism or communism, yet they prefer having all of the conveniences of their Democratic Republic. When you see the face and live in a communist country, then people would realize how evil is behind such a Godless control. You need to pray the rosary for peace, like My Blessed Mother warned at Fatima, or Russia and other communist countries will spread their errors all over the world.”

Jesus said: “My people, you recently celebrated the 100th anniversary of My Blessed Mother’s messages to the children at Fatima on May 13, 1917. One of the visions that was seen by the children, was a vision of hell. This was given to show the world that hell and the demons do exist. Hell is eternal, as it was made originally as a place for the punishment of the fallen evil angels. I have just shown you another vision of hell as it looked like lava in a volcano. Souls, who are sent to hell, will never be heard from again. These condemned souls will suffer in the flames of hell for all eternity. There is no escape from hell, which is full of hate and anger with no love. They will never see My face again, or ever know love again. Souls choose to go to hell of their own free will. I want My prayer warriors to pray for all of their family members, because you do not want to see any member lost in hell. You can pray for all sinners as well. You have seen visions of hell, and you saw movies like ‘To hell and back’ where souls had near death experiences in hell. By My grace I have allowed certain souls to have a second chance after being in hell a short time. This vision of hell should be an inspiration to My faithful, to pray harder for sinners, so they are not lost forever in hell.”