Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, I have given you many messages telling you how I would protect you with My angels on your way to and at My refuges. This vision today of an angel putting up walls of invisibility around My faithful is to give you trust in Me that this will really happen for you at the beginning of the tribulation. Some will die as martyrs, while the rest will be directed to My refuges. My faithful people will be told in their Warning experience to be prepared to go to their refuges of protection. After the tribulation you will experience the true peace that I give you in your soul with My grace. The peace of man is known by the absence of war or family conflict. My peace is the absence of sin and the presence of My grace in your soul. So when I tell you do not let anything disturb your peace, I am asking you to avoid sin and all of its temptations from the devil. Truly you will understand My peace in My Era of Peace, but you will still have your free will. You will be giving constant praise and worship to Me. Rejoice when your soul is cleansed of its sins in Confession because you are then full of My grace and peace. Look forward also to My Era of Peace when you will be in My grace all of the time.”
Jesus said: “My people, I want you to pray for your farmers in all that they are suffering through right now. A farmer is at risk every year that he plants the right crops and that he is able to have a good harvest. There is always a risk of droughts, floods, or tornadoes that could damage his crop. He has to be a good accountant in managing money for seed, fertilizer, watering, and harvesting his crop for a good price. Storage of crops and being able to get loans from troubled banks are a big problem for his cash flow. When faced with all of these challenges, it is no wonder that some farmers are financially stressed. They still provide your food and you should appreciate the work they go through to deliver it to you. This is why you enjoy buying fresh produce to help them make a living. This is also why they need your prayers, especially during this recession.”