Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012:
Jesus said: “My people, you have been seeing dozens of deaths from the latest series of tornadoes. This season of deadly storms has already passed last year’s deaths at this time, and last year set a record of over 500 deaths. Tornadoes are hard to prepare for, especially at night or with dark clouds. In the vision you see that the safest places are underground. Just as you know enough to build a shelter in the ground for tornadoes, I am showing My faithful how to build refuges for the coming storm of evil in the tribulation. At times you are ravaged by serious storms as a punishment for sins. Soon you will see the Antichrist’s coming as a punishment and a test of your faith in Me. You know that without Me, you can do nothing. So when I give you instructions on how to protect your lives and souls with My angel protection, you should heed My words. Be prepared to come My refuges. There you will be made invisible by My angels from the evil ones who want to kill God’s people.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are seeing threats of war coming from Iran and from many of your own leaders. I have asked My people to pray for peace and not war against Iran. Some people think bombing Iran’s nuclear plants or their centrifuges could stop them from making nuclear weapons. Some of their facilities are built underground to protect them from attacks from the air. Any start of a war would most likely come from an Israeli attack. Any war could precipitate Iran’s own attack with missiles on Israel and possible attacks on any US ships in the area. A complete all out war could disrupt oil flows that could cause your gas prices to soar. If America gets drawn into this war, the expenditures of such a war could threaten your fragile economy and may result in your government’s bankruptcy. America needs to be careful about becoming involved in a new war. Your citizens do not favor it, and if other countries become involved, you could see a world war with many deaths. Continue to pray for peace, and write to your Congress people to stop America from getting into another Middle East war.”