Tuesday, March 4, 2008: (St. Caismir)

Jesus said: “My people, in today’s Gospel I took pity on the paralyzed man who was unable to move himself into the healing waters of Bethsaida when the water was stirred. I healed him on the Sabbath which angered the religious authorities when I told him to pick up his mat and walk. (John 5:1-18) In the vision many light candles for various intentions of healing and conversions. At holy places, as Lourdes, there are some healings granted to those who believe that I can heal them. Spiritual conversions are even more important than physical healings. Those, who have their prayers answered, should also remember to give praise and thanks to Me for any healings. There are many miracles still performed, even when they are not always made public. You will see even more miracles at My refuges when My faithful will be healed of all of their health problems through the healing spring water, and looking at My luminous cross in the sky.”
Jesus said: “My people, many question whether there is a heaven, hell, or purgatory, but I can assure you that they exist in the next life. You are spirit and body, but at death your soul is separated from your body. It is where your soul goes that should most concern you, because eventually you choose by your actions whether you will be in heaven or hell. This vision of purgatory is truly a journey, because with prayer and My mercy these souls can gradually move to the upper levels of purgatory, and one day they are promised to be with Me in heaven. Souls suffer in purgatory to make atonement for the temporal punishment due for their sins. Your prayers and Masses for these souls can shorten their stay in this punishment. To be a saint, you must be purified of all of your hate, grudges, and unforgiveness of others. You also need to be cleansed of all attachments to earthly things, so no idols will be before Me. Once you have been made clean and perfect, only then are you ready for heaven. You continue to think that My ways are not fair, but truly it is your ways that are not fair in giving glory to Me. The more you suffer on earth and store up good deeds in your treasure in heaven, the less you will have to be purified in purgatory. The more you trust in Me, as a child trusts in their parents, the closer you are to My heart. Love Me in everything that comes, in both the good and the bad, and your reward will be great in heaven.”