Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tuesday, March 31, 2015:
Jesus said: “My people, I knew from the time that Judas became one of My apostles, that he would betray Me to the high priest. There were two denials of Me, one from St. Peter, and the other from Judas. St. Peter was sorry and repented, but Judas had Satan enter his heart. Later, after Satan had used him, he urged Judas to hang himself to death. My people also betray Me or deny Me when they commit their sins. It is how you respond after, that is important. You can seek My forgiveness in Confession. I know all of you are sinners and weak to temptation, but I wait for your return as a repentant sinner. Even though you commit sins, you need to keep trying to avoid sin, and ask for My forgiveness. Then you will later have your reward in heaven for being faithful.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are well aware of microchips and a little of how they are used in computers, camcorders, and cameras. There are other kinds of chips that can be used in your body to control people’s minds. This link of biochips is dangerous when they can affect your mind as someone being hypnotized. In essence such chips can control your actions and take away your free will. This mind control could even misdirect your soul into evils that you would not normally commit. This is why I have warned people not to accept any chip into their bodies for any reason. Already you are being forced to used chipped documents as passports, driver’s licenses, and charge cards. You have chips in your TVs that could have mind control over you. Many other chips run your appliances and your vehicles. It would be good to research the latest mind control chips that are placed in the body, to understand how dangerous they are for your mind and your soul.”