Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, many talk about the two betrayals of St. Peter and Judas. You know the outcome in the Scriptures that St. Peter was sorry and repented later as sinners come to Me in Confession. Judas did not repent, but out of despair he went out and hanged himself. Each of them approached their betrayal quite differently. In St. Peter’s case his betrayal was not planned, and he denied knowing Me out of fear for his life, even after he said that he would die for Me. Judas’

betrayal was much more serious because he premeditated his crime with the Jewish leaders and even took thirty pieces of silver in payment. I also allowed Satan to enter Judas’ heart to carry out the betrayal which is why he did not repent. Instead the devil tempted him with despair and urged him to commit suicide. In that way Judas was not allowed to repent, but he was led by the devil to his death without love for Me. The outcomes of these betrayals were different because of their motives and a different level of temptation in their deeds. Protect yourselves from Satan’s attacks with blessed sacramentals and the use of My sacraments so you can remain strong, even despite your failures. I give you Confession to repent of your sins when you fail, but remember to avoid your sins so you do not offend Me in your actions.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a tax form is in the context of how ‘death and taxes’ are always present and people can be sure about them. All governments need money to operate, so taxing is always with you at all levels of government. All humans have to die as a consequence of Adam’s original sin. This fact about death of the body is very real, but some people live as if this life is going on forever. The soul lives on forever because it is immortal. If this earthly life is passing away, then the soul’s eternal destination should be of most concern for everyone. A true Christian should have a pure soul with frequent Confession so that soul is not afraid to die, but is confident in My judgment. A soul can be dead to Me in mortal sin, and it is this case that you need to seek Confession to be cleansed and have My grace restored. By keeping free of mortal sin, your soul is always alive in My grace and love. So even though you know that you are going to die one day, you can be prepared for My judgment by remaining in the state of grace at all times.”