Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the midst of your many troubled financial times, many people are being brought to their knees to pray for My help. I know all of your needs, but I do not force My graces and blessings on you. You should also acknowledge that without Me, you can do nothing. You are always dependent on Me, but you should be following and seeking My ways instead of man’s ways. If you are drawn to pray to Me for your petitions, then you must change your priorities of time to make time for your prayers. It is better to pray your prayers during the day instead of leaving them to your bedtime when you are too tired to pray. Some have a desire to pray My Blessed Mother’s rosary, which is your weapon against the demons. But when you pray, you should pray slowly and reverently. Do not rush through your prayers because prayer is like expressing your love for Me. I want to be able to hear your prayers without saying them so fast that you can barely understand what you are praying. Several slow rosaries with fervor are much more pleasing to Me than many rushed rosaries. By praying properly and in a planned time, you will find that your prayer life will be much more rewarding in giving peace to your soul. Let this Lent be your inspiration to pray more and avoid all of the worries and distractions of worldly things. I know that you need to survive and take care of your household, but with faith and trust in Me, you will have what you need without seeking more than you need.”
Jesus said: “My people, you are aware of fiber optic cables coming into your house which has two-way communication. High definition digital cable enables the Cable company to see and hear what is going on by your TV. You have learned of another potential threat to your brain functions when analog broadcast will go over to digital signals. The broadcast signals could embed a silent sound signal with a similar frequency to your brain waves. This signal could affect your subconscious mind to do things against your will. I told you to remove your TVs and computer monitors out of your house after the Warning to avoid looking at the Antichrist. This latest technology may be another reason to avoid watching TV for long periods of time. An analog signal would create static when using this silent ELF signal, but a digital signal would not be affected, so you would not know if it was being used or not. Limit your TV watching to a minimum to protect your mental faculties. Call on My protection and heed My warnings.”