Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday, March 29, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision this large wall represents the way some people separate themselves from Me because of the guilt of their sins. You see Me knocking on the door in the vision. You could open the door to Me so I may enter your heart and soul. I do not force Myself on any soul, and I cannot enter to share My love and forgiveness unless the door is opened from the inside. Knock and I will answer you, ask and you shall receive. Even as I respond to your petition requests, hopefully you will respond in love to My requests as well. Today’s Gospel is about forgiving people, even seventy times seven times for any harm or insult done to you. I gave you the four kinds of forgiveness associated with My sacrament of Penance. The first is to seek My forgiveness of your sins when you are absolved in Confession. The second is when you are called to ask the forgiveness from others for any physical harm or for harm done to their reputation. The third kind is being able to forgive others who may have harmed you in any way. This also means not holding any grudges against people. The fourth kind of forgiveness is being able to forgive yourself. After absolution of your sins, put all of these things behind you and let them go. If you retain any guilt, you could cause some mental sicknesses, or allow the devil to throw your faults at you to make you have a poor opinion of yourself. If you allow this, you could grow into depression or turn to drugs and alcohol. Let your sins go and come to Me in Communion to heal the wounds of your sins by My grace and love.”

Jesus said: “My people, you are obligated by My ‘Our Father’ prayer to forgive one another as I forgive you. This was made even more accountable with the Gospel of the Master and the debtor who was not forgiving of his fellow servant. It is very difficult to be able to forgive someone who has mistreated you because of man’s justice. This vision recalls a woman whom you knew who went to her grave from cancer, but she could not forgive her relatives for only coming to see her to try and get money from her will. In man’s eyes she may have been justified, but in My eyes you still need to forgive your neighbor. She gave you a message that she had to suffer in purgatory for this sin of not being able to forgive her relatives when she died. Take this as a lesson that you need to love everyone, and do not go to your grave with grudges or hate for anyone on your soul. Remember how I told the people to go and make amends with their neighbor, and then bring their gift to the altar at Mass. By forgiving your neighbor all of the time for any faults, you will suffer less in purgatory.”