Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I am the great Healer of mankind both in body and soul. The Israelites complained to Moses about the manna as a difficult food, so I sent seraph snakes that killed some of the complainers. In answer to Moses’ prayer for the people, I asked him to make a bronze serpent and all of those people, who looked on it that were bitten, were healed by Me. In the coming modern day Exodus when you leave for My refuges, I will give you luminous crosses in the sky over My refuges. When you look upon this cross or drink from the healing spring water, you will be healed of any disease or affliction, including any man-made viruses. This bronze serpent being lifted up is likened to My being lifted up on the cross as a sacrificial offering for all of mankind’s sins, so even your souls could be healed if you call on My forgiveness and mercy. I gave up My life for the salvation of all sinners, and I give you all an opportunity to come to heaven’s open gates. Until I died, even the souls who died long ago could not enter heaven. This Easter Sunday you will celebrate My Resurrection which will enable every soul that is worthy to one day be resurrected body and soul together. Rejoice in My healing of body and soul, and strive with My grace to reach eternal life with Me in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, on a dark grey rainy day your spirits tend to be low, and you feel like the sun is not going to show for a long time. Some are also feeling low over how your government is taking everything over after the Health Plan passed. I am showing you this light at the end of the tunnel because worldly things will get worse before I come to set things straight. The one world people have their people in position for a political takeover which will eventually lead into the North American Union and then into the Antichrist coming into power. But at the height of evil’s power, then I will return and cast this evil lot into hell. I will renew the earth and you will have constant light all over. Once I have My victory, there will be rejoicing as you enter My Era of Peace. All the evil power will be vanquished. So when you see evil gaining in power, then My coming is not far off. Do not worry or be fearful of the evil one because his time will be short before I come to defeat him. You know the outcome of this story that the Antichrist loses and My faithful and I will reign. So be joyful even amidst this evil and pain, for your redemption into heaven is near.”