Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, I criticized the Pharisees and the priestly class for seeking places of honor and not practicing the words that they taught the people. All of you today need to be careful so you are not hypocrites as well, so that you practice what you preach. Obeying My Commandments is one of your first steps in following what I taught through the Scriptures. The other lesson in today’s Gospel is about the sin of pride and how you should practice humility instead. When life’s things do not go according to your expectations, do not get angry over things that you cannot change. Accept life as it happens and do your best to change the bad things to good things where you can as in stopping abortion. Do not try to be someone who you are not, in trying to impress someone, or in trying to be politically correct. Be yourself as a humble person who follows My ways and not the world’s ways. Live a simple life without focusing on the latest fashions and rich looking attire. Instead, focus more on Me and what you need to do in working toward heaven. Follow your Lenten devotions of fasting and prayer to better your spiritual life instead of rushing to buy things that you do not need. Remember the last line of this reading: ‘Those, who exalt themselves, will be humbled, while those, who humble themselves, will be exalted.”