Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some unusual natural disasters this year already. Two major earthquakes, one in Haiti and one in Chile have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands and over 700 people, respectively. In addition to the earthquakes you have seen several bad snow storms that have set record snowfalls where snow is rare. These storms have shut down businesses and many people were without electricity. It is sad that some of these disasters have been enhanced with the HAARP machine, which is an array of microwave antennas being used by your government under the direction of the one world people. These evil ones are purposely enhancing natural disasters to create emergencies that could lead to takeovers. Such natural disasters have already paralyzed parts of America as in Washington, D.C. If major earthquakes come to America, you could see the beginnings of local takeovers with the possibility of a worsening bankruptcy. If the HAARP machine could cause destruction in other countries, it could bring destruction to America also. I have told you in recent messages to be ready to embrace increasingly worse disasters. When you see colored lights in the sky before an earthquake, or a snow storm staying in one place for a long time, then you know that these are the signs that the HAARP machine is active. Pray for My protection at My refuges where you will be protected from viruses, natural disasters, and from the UN people who will try to kill you. Events are moving quickly as your sign that the tribulation is about to begin.”