Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a boat leaving the dock for the open seas represents how I send you out into life with My graces of My Eucharist from the Last Supper, so you will have the courage to endure the trials of life. It is not easy for a family to keep good paying jobs so you can pay for your bills of taxes, housing, education, food, and travel. All of these expenses test you at times when sudden expensive bills come up. Keep your spiritual peace because you have confidence and trust in Me more than in your money or your possessions. Those, who do not trust in Me, are always worried for what they are to eat, wear, and where to live. If you are My disciples, you should not worry about such things, even as you see that I take care of feeding the birds of the air, and dressing the lilies of the field. You are much more valuable than these, so take courage that I am at your side to bring you through the worst of disasters, and eventually to the refuges during the tribulation.”
Jesus said: “My people, your people have been taken up with your economy in the credit crisis, a recession, and inflated commodities. What has been forgotten is the billions of dollars that you continue to spend on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan along with your soldiers being killed and wounded. This war was started under false pretenses and should have been phased out instead of continuing for five years. Your previous long wars were stopped by limiting the funds in Congress. Since the one world people and your president continue to keep the war going, this seems to be the only way to bring your troops home, which is to cut off the money. The war is putting your budget into huge deficits and the one world people are getting their way of destroying your economy and your military for their takeover. America needs to wake up and take your country back by getting out of this war, stopping the deficits, and refusing to accept the NAFTA and North American Union, or you will have no country at all. Repent of your sins, and put Me back into your lives. Love of Me and your neighbor as yourself should be your goal and not supporting the death culture.”