Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jesus said: “My people, the theme of today’s readings are about healing waters as in Baptism. The other side of water is when rain and wind combine in violent storms to cut off electricity with falling trees, and when floods can inundate whole towns. You have this kind of damage combined with melting snow to create a problem with too much water and many rivers at flood stage. There have been some deaths in these disasters, so pray for these people that they can have their power restored quickly so people can get on with their lives. Tree damage and flood damage can be expensive to repair and it takes time to restore. You have been through ice storms, and you can have a feeling of what these people are enduring. Again these disasters always show you how vulnerable you are to weather events. Be thankful if you have been able to avoid such damage. This is another opportunity to help each other in restoring services and sharing food and heat.”

Jesus said: “My people, purgatory is a real place and it is where souls, who do not go to hell, are purified of their earthly desires and their reparation due for their sins. It is a very dark and dingy place of suffering where you are outside of time, and you have no measure of how long you have been there. In the lower levels of purgatory, the souls suffer the burning flames as in hell, but one day they are promised to be with Me in heaven. In the higher levels of purgatory, the souls suffer from not seeing Me or feeling My love, but they are free of the burning flames. These souls can pray for you, but not for themselves. They rely on the people alive on earth to pray for them and to have Masses said for their intention. Masses have the most power in raising souls up through the levels of purgatory. This is why we in heaven are constantly asking you to pray for the poor souls in purgatory, especially those who have no one to pray for them. These souls will remember what you did for them, and should you have to suffer purification, you will be grateful that they will be praying for you. You can minimize your time in purgatory by offering up your pains for others, asking My mercy to heal the reparation due for your sins on Divine Mercy Sunday, and by purifying your earthly desires while you are still on earth. Just as you adore Me at Adoration, this is training in how to worship Me in heaven. Pray to Me often so you can develop a loving relationship with your Lord both now and with Me in heaven.”