Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jesus said: “My people, in the Gospel I speak of you as the children of Light and the Salt of the earth. I am the Light of the world, and I pass that Light of faith on to My disciples. The earth is full of the darkness of evil, but you bring My Light of love into the world so souls can be converted to see their way. You are Salt because you add love to flavor life and give it purpose in following Me. This vision of the seven levels of heaven by this circular staircase should be an inspiration to not only think of gaining heaven, but even seeking the higher levels of heaven. I am the Judge who determines who comes to heaven, but I also judge which level you will be worthy of. If you desire the higher levels of heaven, then you must focus on your daily consecration of giving everything over to My Will, and doing everything to please Me. Think of Me throughout your day and desire to be close to Me in your daily prayers and works of mercy. By giving up your own desires and detaching yourselves from your possessions, you will be on the narrow road to high places in heaven.”
Jesus said: “My people, in every task that you try to accomplish during the day there is always some difficulty or cross to carry. It should be part of your daily consecration to invite Me to help you in everything that you do for Me. Each task by itself may seem innocent, but many times problems can turn an easy task into a difficult one. Pray a small prayer for My help when you start a new job. Having My help to carry your crosses will make it seem that all of your jobs will go smoothly. The evil one at times will do things to cause simple tasks to go awry because you will be tempted to get upset with what you are doing. I want you to keep your peace whether your jobs are successful or not. If something does not work, pray about it and try a few different approaches. If it still does not go well, then move on to another task so you do not become frustrated or angry at it not working. You are tested many times with worldly problems, but it is how you approach things out of love that I am looking for in your response. Pick up your cross and carry it forward out of love to please Me. As you keep your peace, I will reward you for all of your good efforts.”