Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading (3 Kings 17:8-24) you read of Elijah and how he was sent to a widow of Zarephath of Sidon during a famine in Israel. For one year Elijah prayed that her jar of flour and her jug of oil would not be used up so that he, the widow, and her son could survive the famine. This is one of many accounts where I allowed a multiplication of food from what little the people had. I also multiplied the bread and fish for the 5,000 and 4,000 people when I was on the earth as a man. Even so when you come to My refuges during the tribulation, I will again multiply the food, water, and shelter that you will need. My angels will help in the distribution of food, especially My daily Communion. The angels will also help in finishing refuge buildings and help in multiplying the buildings so everyone will have a place to stay. This is why My faithful should have no fear of the end times because I will see to your needs in miraculous ways that you cannot imagine. Remember that with Me all things are possible.”

Jesus said: “My people, there are electronic data banks that hold information on every aspect of your life, and much of it was acquired by your government without your consent nor a proper warrant for due cause. They know all of your financial records in how much you own. They know your buying patterns by your charges which they sell to commercial businesses. They have all of your phone records and e-mails. They know of all of your travel plans and travel patterns. They know your friends and contacts. They know if you write letters to the editor or your Congress people. In short they know your political opinions, your religion, and even your donations to charities. They know where you worked, your education, and your type of job responsibilities. With all of this electronic information stored in duplicate, it takes a vast array of computers to update your information. When the one world people want to make up a red list to kill you before martial law, or a blue list to kill you after martial law, they will use this information against you as being against the new world order. This is again why I will warn My faithful on these lists before the men in black will come to your home to capture you before martial law occurs. The evil ones know who will reject their chips, and that is why they will exterminate any objectors. The rest of the people who take the chip in the body will already be under their control. Because of this evil plan, you will need to seek out My refuges to avoid the evil ones who want to kill you. By My grace your guardian angels will make you invisible once you are down the road away from your home, and they will lead you to the nearest refuge. Trust in Me and My angels for your protection and your needs.”