Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011:
Jesus said: “My people, in the vision you are seeing how the demons try to manipulate people with their own words. Turning your world upside down means the evil ones want you to think that bad is good, and that good is bad. What people establish as politically correct are only worldly feelings that insult Me. If you are against abortion, you are persecuted. If you are against homosexual marriage, you are against someone’s rights. If you are against a man and a woman living together without marriage, you are criticized as old-fashioned. If you come to daily Mass or pray the rosary in public, you are considered a religious fanatic. My Commandments are unchangeable, and they are never old-fashioned. It is man in his love of sin that is out of step with reality. Do not try to rationalize teaching My Word for a better hearing. What you are facing is a battle between the desires of the body with the desires of the soul. If some people tell you it is all right to sin, do not believe them, for the worldly people are walking on the broad road to hell, but My faithful need to enter heaven by the narrow road. Do not follow the crowd into sin, but follow Me into eternal life in heaven.”

Jesus said: “My people, this vision of a manufactured gear getting buried in the ground is a sign that the one world people are intentionally moving most all of your manufacturing jobs out of your country. It is true that the American worker at $15/hr. has a hard time competing with slave labor in China at $1/hr. without any benefits. The plan of the new world order is total control which starts with doing away with the middle class in America. With jobs leaving America, this is why your unemployment rate is so high. Average household income has been declining over the last five years, while inflation is truly increasing, despite your government’s disinformation. Only the top 5-10% of your population have seen any income gains. It is just a matter of time until America’s finances collapse, and the one world people will take over. When this happens, My faithful need to call on Me so your guardian angels can lead you to My refuges of protection.”