Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Tuesday, June 4, 2024:
Jesus said: “My people, the Pharisees desire for total control is very similar to the Democrats who want total control as well. Biden and the Democrats are trying to use the illegal immigrants as votes to win elections. Their means are against your laws and your Constitution, which they are totally disregarding. Their lies and deceptions show the hypocrisy in their actions. They say one thing to cover up the evil things they are doing. The Democrats are weaponizing their control over the law so they can persecute and control their opposition. You have a weak leader in Biden, and other countries will try to take advantage of this weakness before your election. If a worse war comes, you will be called to the safety of My refuges where My angels will protect you. I love My people, but you will need to do the prudent preparation for all of the coming events.”

Jesus said: “My people, you have seen some reports that Russia is taking more land because they are receiving weapons from China and Iran. Your weapons have helped the Ukraine, but it is hard to know how effective they have been because there is little accounting of where your weapons were delivered. If Russia takes over the Ukraine, they will then move into other countries that Russia once held. Such a spread of Russia’s war could lead to World War III. Pray that such an expansion of war does not happen. Have no fear of these wars because I will protect My faithful.”