Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013:
Jesus said: “My people, in the first reading Tobit did not believe his wife that she received a goat as a bonus for her work. It is hard to doubt someone’s word before there is any evidence to disprove what they are saying. There should be some trust in people you know, so you can believe that they are telling the truth. Once that trust is broken by a lie, then there may be some doubt. Some people with addictions lie to get drugs or alcohol. These people are difficult to believe in whatever they say. In the Gospel reading I confounded My accusers who were trying to catch Me in My speech. They were amazed when I told them to give to God what is God’s, and to give to Caesar what is Caesar’s. This was in answer to their trick question if they should pay their taxes to the Romans or not. You have earthly money that you use to buy things, but it should not become a god to you in place of Me. I have asked My faithful to do everything out of love for Me and your neighbor. You can share your money and possessions with others to help the poor and the needy. You can also share your faith, your love, and your time with others as well. There is more to life than just money and bread, so share all of your gifts, and do not be selfish with what you have.”

Jesus said: “My people, you see the decay in the morals of America by the way you have people living together in fornication, homosexuals acts, prostitution, and using pornography. Your children and adults are being exposed to ‘R’ and ‘X’ rated movies of violence and promiscuity both in the movie theater, on TV, and on the internet. All of this evil influence is further corrupting the morals of your country. Abortion and birth control are also calling for America’s judgment. Some people are avoiding movies and TV altogether because of the continuous violence and immorality. Your Hollywood producers are to blame to some extent, but the public is still supporting this thrash by their ticket purchases. If enough people did not attend these bad movies, then they would not have any market. It is the people who have lost their sense of sin who are supporting these immoral movies. Unfortunately, many people are allowing themselves to accept today’s violent and immoral movies. My faithful would be better off not watching TV and any bad movies so they could protect themselves from these occasions of sin. If you do not give your children a good example in your entertainment, then you are allowing them to accept such immoral viewing. If your people do not change their evil ways, then they will not only lose their country, but many could lose their souls to the evil ones.”