Tuesday, June 3, 2008: (St. Charles Lwanga & companions)

Jesus said: “My people, even since My day people have been loath to paying excessive taxes. Tax collectors cheated the people by adding on taxes to give themselves more income. The fact that tax collectors were rich tells you of their devious means of making money off the people. In your society of today you also are paying heavy taxes, especially land taxes that are hurting people with low incomes. Aside from your government demands, I also stressed to the people to give back to God at the synagogues or churches what belongs to God. The one who preaches and evangelizes My Word is worthy of being supported in their work for Me in saving souls. Supporting My Church is one of your Christian responsibilities and a part of the laws of My Church. Contributing to My Church is one way of thanking Me for all that I have given you. My Third Commandment calls you to worship Me on Sunday at Mass, and to have Mass it is necessary to support a church financially so you have a place to go. You pay your taxes because of man’s law, but support your churches because of My laws.”
Jesus said: “My people, this vision is a message of warning to your President that an attempt will be made on his life because of some coming decisions on a possible war with Iran. Arab nations, Russia, and China are very aware of a possible United States strike against Iran because of Iran’s making enriched uranium for potential bomb making. Some Arab terrorists will be planning this attack in secret because of their hate for America. Other terrorist plans are also in motion to try and bring down some of your city infrastructures in multiple cities at once. Many could die from such attacks. Your government will have to be on a full scale alert to prevent these attacks which could still take place. Before the elections you could see both man-made and natural disasters occur which could postpone your elections. Pray in earnest that these events could be mitigated or prevented. Pray also that war does not come in Iran which could lead to World War III.”